Mega Kinetics

85,020 SF 

A fast-track, two building project for a manufacturer of chemical distribution systems. One building consists of research and development labs and technical offices. The other building houses the manufacturing facility, a new class 10,000 clean room, warehouse, and offices. The offices feature granite and carpet flooring, accent painted walls and acoustic ceilings blended with decorative soffits. The project also includes the addition of a 9,500 square foot mezzanine.

(Architect – Balmer Architectural Group)

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ASU Mini Multi Collector- CMAR

1,500 SF

Metal Free Class 10,000 clean room. Complete demolition down to the concrete slab and floor deck in the basement of the Physical Science F Wing Building on ASU’s main campus. Project includes a complete metal free construction. Consists of 15 PVC fume hoods, PVC base and upper cabinets with resin tops and integral sinks, custom PVC ulpa filters, plastic ceiling grid and tile, plastic sealed lights, PVC walls, PVC doors, PVC frames, PVC hardware, PVC interlocked pass thrus, LXT RO piping, PVC water and air piping with plastic valves, plastic outlet covers, vinyl heat seamed floor, plastic faucets and plastic eyewash stations. Project also includes a dedicated single pass clean room air handler system, coated exhaust fan with Corzan plastic ductwork, underground acid waste system and ultra pure water system, all for a 24/7 operation.

(Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

ASU Collection Relocation - CMAR

3,600 SF 

Tenant improvement

Construction of an exterior temporary staff office including, new walls, carpet, restroom, underground utilities, handicap ramps and landscaping. (Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

ASM Demo Lab

17,000 SF 

2,100 SF Class 1 antistatic clean room with depressed antistatic raised floor, including lionizers. 12,000 sf. class 10,000 clean room support area, including an extensive maintenance catwalk. New standalone 810 sf. class 1, div 2 masonry gas bunker requiring explosion vents and doors, complete grounding grid system and a gas detection system. Exterior design includes radius canopy feature and split face banded block to soften the appearance. The clean room and gas bunker processes include semiconductor gases run in stainless steel and hastelloy pipe from multiple gas cabinets, bulk delivery gas systems, multiple FRP dry and point-of-use scrubbers, a high purity water system and a double contained waste neutralization system.

(Architect – DPA)

American Sheet Metal Clean Room – Design Build 675 SF

New class 100 clean room. Project included a new free standing clean room with deck mounted HVAC equipment, full plenum air distribution, duct wall returns, Ulpa Filters, clean room ceiling, epoxy flooring, gas piping for owner tools. Clean Room was constructed in a fully occupied manufacturing facility while construction took place.

(Architect – Winton Architects)

AIT - Design Build

(Completed 4-20-11)

Tenant Improvement – Class 100,000 Gown Room Renovation

Chandler, AZ  Renovate of existing class 10,000 clean room to accept enlarged gown room. Included new below grid FRP clad walls and new door.

(Colley Designs)

American Sheet Metal Clean Room – Design Build 15,000 SF 

Conversion of a 3,000 sf. office space into a class 10,000 clean room. Addition of 500 sf. of additional class 100 clean room to existing clean room space. Project included a new roof steel platform to accept the new clean room HVAC equipment. Also included the conversion of existing warehouse evaporative coolers systems to new A/C units.

(Architect – Winton Architects)

AIT - Design Build

(Completed 7-1-10)

Tenant Improvement – Class 100 Clean Room Renovation

Chandler AZ 

Renovate portion of existing class 10,000 clean room into a class 100. Included new fan power hepa filters, ductwork modifications, structural support frame for sliding curtain, electrical modifications.

(Clean Rooms West)

Celebration Stem Cell Centre - Breezeway

(Completed 2-1-11)

Site/Shell/Tenant Improvements

320 SF 

Val Vista/202 - Construct a new breezeway between two existing buildings. New build out to include two new office and connecting hallway. Includes footing, slabs, exterior walls, exterior EFIS and stone veneer, storefronts and roof deck.

(Colley Designs, Manarch Design, Hawkins, AME, Bakkum Noelke Structural)

SpeedFam - IPEC Technology Center

108,655 SF 

This new technology center sits adjacent to the original 135,000 sf. facility. The building is a two-story tilt-up with precast tees, beams and columns. It includes 29,884 sf. of office mezzanine and 14,238 sf. of clean room basement. Clean rooms consist of class 10 to class 10,000, totaling 21,000 sf. Specialized improvements include chemical distribution systems, waste lift stations, a high purity water system and a waste neutralization system. The project also included a precast concrete, one-level parking Tim Colley was the inventor for the clean room patent design for the state of the art clean room system used in this facility.

(Architect - Balmer Architectural Group)

ASU East Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building III (ISTB III) – CMAR

37,000 SF 

The Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building III is a two-story structure with a combination of highly technical laboratories and flexible human related research areas, support spaces and office space. This facility provides space for focused areas of excellence in health and wellness, applied cognitive sciences and applied biological sciences. Also provides space to partner with biotechnology components of the Biodesign Institute through the Production of Vaccines from Applied Crop Science (ProVacs) program in the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccines.

This project is a LEED® Gold Certified building. (Architect – Jones Studios)

ASU Physical Science F Wing Basement Renovation - CMAR

8,500 SF 

Complete demolition down to the concrete slab and floor deck in the basement of the Physical Science building on ASU’s main campus. Project includes wet and dry labs for the chemistry, physics and geology departments, a 1,500 sf. metal free clean lab and a class 1,000 clean room for the physics department. Also included are new architectural finishes, a brand new acid underground waste system, new Ultra Pure Water System and a redundant HVAC and exhaust system for 24/7 operation.

(Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

Implant Center “Scorpion”

39,000 SF 

Tenant improvement with a 2,880 sf. mezzanine addition. 15,000 sf. class 1/10,000 clean room with full height glass viewing window that gives the illusion of actually being in the FAB. Also included is class A office space totaling 25,000 sf. with miscellaneous warehouse and lab space. Black granite flooring in the office entry rolls up the radius staircase to the second floor. Staircase has stainless steel handrails. Copper cladding on the wall behind the main reception desk is accented by copper cladding on the reception desk itself. Glass handrails accentuate the view from the second floor of the mezzanine. Carpeting and VCT squares throughout the offices and hallways. A large conference room and coffee bar were included to complete the office space.

(Architect – Balmer Architectural Group)


(Completed 10-24-11 )

Tenant Improvement - Clean Room Renovation and Equipment Fit-up

1,800 SF  

Phoenix, AZ - Construction of new high purity gas piping, scrubbed exhaust ductwork, new electrical, air distribution, laminar and fume hood installation.

ASU East ISTB III Clean Room – CMAR 

2,000 SF

New FDA Class 1,000 clean room. Project includes polypropylene wall panels, hepa filters, sealed ceiling grid and tile, clean room gasketed lights, powder coated doors, frames and hardware, view windows, interlocked pass thrus, VCT and coved epoxy flooring. Project also includes a lift station for sump pump. Systems include a recirculation clean room air handler system with humidity controls, all for a 24/7 operation.

This project is a LEED® Gold Certified building. (Architect – Jones Studios)


Arch Chemicals Clean Room & Lab - CMAR

2,300 SF

Class 1 and 10,000 clean room, including a freestanding class 1 clean room structure with mezzanine that holds the recirculation air units. New makeup air handler, humidifier with gas and chilled water piping are installed on the roof to feed the clean room. Class 10,000 lab space houses miscellaneous tools with process piping such as N2, Argon, CDA, DI Water, Co2 and new exhaust system. Recessed trench drains installed on the existing lab to house drain piping, which runs to a new recessed 160-gallon waste lift station.

(Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

ASU Lunar Science Admin Wing - CMAR

4,000 SF

Tenant improvement

Construction of a mission control center for the January 2008 launch of the next lunar module to orbit the moon. ASU and NASA teamed together on this site to analyze photos taken of the moon’s surface. The remodel of the existing Administration A building includes a gallery for visitors to view the mission control center, and its monitor wall that shows the pictures of the moon’s surface. Project also includes new office space for the staff. (Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

Arch Chemicals Electronic Materials Division (Formerly Olin)

198,000 SF 

Mesa, AZ - Double containment piping, chemical tanks, containment pits, facility plant, clean rooms, waste treatment plant, DI/RO water plant, Blow Mold Injection Facility, Scrubbers, Explosion Rooms, Fire water tank and containment pond.

(Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

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36,000 SF

Relocation of an auxiliary jet engine repair center. Project included two jet engine test cells, four pneumatic test cells, complete facility yard including jet fuel tank, bleed air and intake exhaust, electrical start carts, oil and rinse systems, underground and overhead process utilities to tools and new electrical service to building.

(Architect – Winton Architects)

Celebration Stem Cell Centre - Design Build (Completed 11-1-09)

Tenant Improvements

4,800 SF 

Val Vista/202 - Complete build out of an existing shell medical condo. Includes 2 FDA GMP class 1,000 and 100,000 clean rooms which will house the cord blood process and other stem cell research. A large viewing room will hold (14) -200° Liquid Nitrogen storage tanks for final long term storage. Remaining improvements includes a wet lab, processing rooms, restroom, conference room and office.

(Colley Designs, Dick & Fritsche Design Group, Woodward Engineering, Associated Mechanical Engineers, Bakkum Noelke Structural, Clean Rooms West)

ASU Mass Spectrometer & Laser Labs - CMAR

2,356 SF 

Complete demolition down to the concrete slab and floor deck of two classrooms. New labs include new walls, doors, ceiling, flooring, new AHU, Plumbing, custom transformers, Neslab Chillers and new electrical panels and systems. Project also includes new radioisotope fume hood and lab casework.

(Architect – Dick & Fritsche Design Group)

American Sheet Metal Clean Room – Design Build 6,000 SF

New Class 100,000 clean room. Project included new clean room HVAC equipment, roof top steel platform for AHU, clean room wall panels, hepas, clean room ceiling, epoxy flooring, white scrim roof insulation, process chilled water and gas piping for owner tools.

(Architect – Winton Architects)

SpeedFam - IPEC Corporation

135,000 SF 

New tilt-up concrete building with a concrete tee roof. Facility includes corporate and general office areas, clean manufacturing/assembly area and internal cranes, a class 100, class 1,000 and class 10,000 clean room, process piping, equipment and related utilities. The lobby features a grand stairway constructed of granite, an elevator and a glass, fully enclosed, 45’ high conference tower. A 200’ long, 45’ high curved curtain glass wall spans the front of the building.

(Architect - Balmer Architectural Group)

GE Healthcare – Design Build

10,000 SF 

Remodel of an existing class 10,000 clean room in ASU research building. Project includes a new DI Loop, Vacuum, Waste and N2 piping installation for owner DNA equipment. All utilities are run under existing raised flooring. New clean room demountable panels, automatic doors. Project also includes the relocation of all lab casework and utilities from previous project which was located in a class 10 clean room.

(Architect – Winton Architects)